Ball Closure Rings (BCRs)

The most versatile of all body jewellery, Ball Closure Rings and Captive Bead Rings are suitable for use in almost all types of body piercings. The "clip in" ball can be removed and replaced to make truly unique body piercing jewellery. Browse our huge range of Ball Closure Rings (BCRs) body jewellery for every piercing possible! FREE UK & Worldwide Delivery when you spend £10.

Ball Closure Rings

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Ball Closure Rings are suitable for ears, nose, lip, nipple (and intimate) piercings too! Available from 1mm through to 8mm and with so many different materials and designs to choose from, BCR rings are the perfect compliment to any body piercing. Our body jewelry is available in Surgical Steel, Titanium, Gold, PVD, Acrylic, PTFE and more. Helix and Septum are the most popular use for them, but they can be used for Nipples as an alternative to nipple shields, for ears including Tragus piercings or for your lip instead of using a Labret. Choose a Ball Closure Ring for your piercing now, you won't be disappointed.