Red Silicone Flexible Flesh Tunnel

  • Red Silicone Flexible Flesh Tunnel
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Made from quality silicone that's extremely flexible and comfortable, the Red Flesh Tunnel is perfect for continuous everyday wear, causing no discomfort during sleep. Completely biocompatible which is perfect for all skin types. Available in sizes 3mm - 16mm.

Colour: Red

Gauge / Thickness:
3mm / 8G
4mm / 6G
5mm / 4G
6mm / 2G
8mm / 0G
10mm / 00G
12mm / 1/2"
14mm / 9/16"
16mm / 5/8"

Material: Surgical Implant Grade Silicone
Suitable For: Stretched Ear Lobes
Type: Ear Stretching Jewellery

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